Committees & Councils


The Activities Committee is a standing committee with the goals of ensuring the visibility of the organization to the public in multiple formats. Membership of the Activities Committee is reviewed by the President. The Activities Committee Chair, Committee Members, and the Executive Director will work together to determine committee needs and will brainstorm new and potential committee members.

Main Events: Annual Banquet & Parade Preview Party

The primary responsibility of the Community Outreach Committee is to advise the Board of Directors, reasonably and productively, on issues affecting the coverage area and examine projects that will benefit the surrounding community.

One of the most notable events this committee is responsible for is the Home Show which typically helps the first weekend in February.

The Golden Hammer Club is a club that members become apart of once they have recruited enough new members. In this club you receive an award and most years we take a trip as a group. In 2019, our group did the Nascar Experience in DFW.

The Golf Committee oversees the planning and execution of the annual TPBA golf tournament for the association. The annual Golf tournament is our second largest event for the TPBA, right behind the Parade of Homes.

Annually over 30 teams enter the tournament with over 40 different advertisers interacting with the members.

Government Relations Committee is responsible for coordinating and advancing the Association's issues agenda in the implementation of policies adopted by the Board of Directors, Texas Association of Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders.

Main Events: TAB Meetings, NAHB Meetings and Rally Day

HOMEPAC, TAB's political action committee, is an essential part of the TAB's advocacy program.  HOMEPAC maximizes political contributions by association members by supporting pro-housing candidates and incumbents for both statewide office and the Texas Legislature.  It is through voluntary contributions that HOMEPAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the residential construction and development industry in Texas.

This is one of the most important committees in the Association.  The Membership Committee is charged with the recruiting of new members through the assistance of the TPBA Board of Directors. This committee establishes membership goals and promotes campaigns and programs designed to grow and maintain the association’s membership including, new member recruitment programs, membership drives, and recognition (Spike Awards) of an outstanding effort in this area by individual members.

The New TPBA Building Committee is in charge of planning, developing, and raising funds for the new building.

The Parade of Homes™ is the largest and most widely known event the TPBA puts on each year. This committee makes decisions on strategic advertising & marketing plans, themes, admission, etc.  This committee is responsible for planning all aspects of this event and members of this committee are required to be available to work a few shifts at the gate during the event.

The Scholarship Committee is a standing committee of the TPBA.  We offer two different types of scholarships on annual basis. The Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual scholarships and to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds.  The committee is charged with publicizing and soliciting applications and making decisions based on the applicants’ responses.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to distribute the scholarship(s) and follow up with the recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received.

The Women's Auxiliary Committee was created to supplement the work of the TPBA. Many of the events put on by this committee aide other non-profits in achieving their goals.

Young Professionals Committee oversees getting members under the age of 45 more involved in the TPBA to ensure the longevity of involvement from its members.