Advocacy & Action Center

TAB (Texas Association of Builders) Advocacy Center enables TAB’s legislative team to implement a coordinated communications and grassroots advocacy campaign through email, e-newsletters and alert messages and is where members can quickly and easily participate in the legislative process.

Get Involved

During the TAB board meetings, several committees meet to discuss matters important to the association and industry. Task forces meet throughout the year primarily through conference calls and electronic communication.

Committees are opened for any TAB member to attend and participate in, such as Codes & Standards, Multifamily Council, and Attorney Council.  Voting members of the TAB Government Relations Committee and HOMEPAC Trustees are elected by their Area Caucuses.

The Government Relations Committee currently has task forces that are charged with studying specific policy issues.  The current task forces are focused on water infrastructure, workers misclassification, tax policy and school finance, and property owners associations.

To get involved with a committee or to become active on a task force, please contact the TAB office.

Contribute to TAB’s Political Action Committee today and become a recognized HOMEPAC Key holder.

Read TABloid and TAB News Briefs for important issues surrounding the building industry.

TABloid is a monthly e-newsletter outlining legislative, regulatory and building news. TAB News Briefs is a twice weekly e-newsletter containing national, state and local news articles relating to the building industry.

Legislative Line is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter that is published during Texas Legislative Sessions. This e-newsletter provides timely updates on legislative bills, committee hearings and builder-related policy issues.

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TAB’s Rally Day is an advocacy event hosted at the Texas State Capitol every odd-numbered year. Rally Day is a valuable opportunity for association members to visit Austin, Texas and to talk with their local legislators and key policy staff face-to-face.

View photos from the 20132017 and the 2019 Rally day events. The next Rally Day will take place in 2021.

Government Relations

TPBA works with the local government to help advocate for regulation change to help our members.

The government relations program is nationally recognized for its innovative programs and legislative successes. The legislation endorsed by the association has been passed which resulted in significant savings to the home building industry and in turn, to the home-buying public. The association has routinely defeated a long list of bills potentially harmful to the industry.

READ MORE to learn how you can help make a difference at the State Capitol.

The TAB staff works closely with elected state officials and regulatory agencies in the development and adoption of regulations, codes, and standards for housing with the goal of creating safe, quality, and common sense construction standards.

READ MORE information on EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory issues.


HOMEPAC, TAB's political action committee, is an essential part of TAB's advocacy program.  HOMEPAC maximizes political contributions by association members by supporting pro-housing candidates and incumbents for both statewide office and the Texas Legislature.  It is through voluntary contributions that HOMEPAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the residential construction and development industry in Texas.

Without HOMEPAC’s participation, decisions affecting the future of the residential building industry will be influenced by other industries and groups, many of whom represent interests directly opposed to our own. It’s only through the voluntary contributions of our members that HOMEPAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the home building and development industry in Texas.

Suggested Donation Levels:

Payments can be completed in one transaction or made in quarterly payments.

Members who donate to the Capitol Club, Diamond Key, Platinum Key, and Gold Key levels will receive a lapel pin and special recognition at PAC events. Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

HOMEPAC represents your political interests at the state level and is prohibited by law from donating to federal election campaigns. Additionally, HOMEPAC is forbidden by state law from accepting corporate donations and, therefore, may accept only personal or non-corporate contributions. There is no limit to what an individual may contribute to HOMEPAC.

*If payment is from a partnership, LLC, or other legal entity, the entity cannot be owned by a corporation or include an incorporated member or partner.

Invest today in the future of our industry! When the 10,000 members of the Texas Association of Builders come together through HOMEPAC, the home building industry maintains its strong presence at the Texas Capitol. Changes in state law or regulations could be detrimental to your business and bottom line. Your contribution to HOMEPAC is an investment in the future of our industry and one of the most affordable options for political involvement.

HOMEPAC is governed by a Board of Trustees who represent all areas of the state and their local home builders associations. The Trustees determine which political candidates will receive support based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate’s voting record on issues important to the home building industry;
  • The candidate’s membership on key committees that consider legislation important to home builders;
  • The candidate’s leadership position; and
  • The candidate’s understanding of the issues facing home builders and their readiness to assist in advocating for or defeating pieces of legislation important to our industry.

Industry Topics & Issues

Texas continues to lead the nation in housing starts as the recovery of the housing market progresses. The residential construction industry can maintain its status as an economic driver if legislators consider the impact of their decisions on the cost and availability of housing. While market forces do affect affordability, the opportunity for Texans to realize the dream of homeownership is also dependent upon the repercussions of governmental regulations and fees.

Fees and taxes, adequate infrastructure, property rights, tort reform, workforce training, and environmental impacts are only a few of the areas in which the residential construction industry is impacted by the decisions of policymakers at the local, state, and national levels.

The TAB Government Relations Team stands ready to work with legislators on the myriad of issues that impact our industry, with the goal of ensuring that the citizens of Texas have access to quality, affordable housing.

One of the primary principles upon which Texas was built is the right an individual has in his or her property.  Since its inception, our association has made defending those rights from unreasonable, or sometimes even illegal, regulations a core tenet.

It is imperative that any changes to the current tax system do not place an unfair burden on the home building industry, due to the fact that the cost and availability of housing is significantly impacted by regulatory barriers and taxes.

Burdensome land-use authority at the county level such as zoning and various permitting requirements can be increasingly detrimental to the home building industry.

A deteriorating Texas road system not only harms Texas travelers and the economy as a whole, but it also has a direct effect on the future of the housing development and construction industry.

Over the next five years, 20 percent of skilled workers in the construction industry will retire. It is critical to both the Texas economy and business community that students have the opportunity to learn carpentry, welding, electrical, plumbing, and other skills that can place them into the workforce in well-paying jobs as high school graduates.

Regulatory Affairs

Potential hazards on residential and other construction job sites are reviewed in 12 educational animated videos released by OSHA. Most of the videos are two to four minutes in length, and they are available in both English and Spanish.


OSHA Residential Fall Protection Information

MPORTANT UPDATE: U.S. Appeals Court Blocks EPA Water Rule Nationwide


The following links are provided for your education:

  • Renovate Right brochure
  • Small Entity Compliance booklet
  • Building Manager Lead Paint trifold
  • RRP firm certification application form
  • Stormwater Discharges From Construction Activities
  • Locator to find accredited training providers

Rally Day

TAB’s Rally Day is an advocacy event hosted at the Texas State Capitol. Rally Day is a valuable opportunity for association members to visit Austin, Texas, and to talk with their local legislators and key policy staff face-to-face. TAB will provide briefing materials on legislative issues and pending legislation that is important to the Texas residential construction, remodeling, and development industry.

The day’s events include a Welcome Ceremony with a keynote speaker, scheduled meetings with your local legislators, and a Legislative Reception at the historic Driskill Hotel. Rally Day is conducted every other year when the Texas Legislature is in session. This event will be in March of 2021.

Your attendance is important. By attending Rally Day, you serve as the strongest representation of the Texas residential construction, remodeling and development industry.
►  Meet with your elected officials and their leading policy staff
►  Be the face of the Texas home building industry
►  Share your knowledge of the industry in order to protect it
►  Learn about legislative policy proposals that may impact the industry
►  Collaborate and network with other industry leaders

Rally Day is FREE to attend.

Capitol Visitors Parking Garage located at 1202 San Jacinto, between Trinity and San Jacinto Streets, at 12th and 13th Streets.