Picking a Qualified Contractor

Here are a few important guidelines to help you select a competent contractor:

1. Rule of thumb, get a minimum of 3 estimates

1. How long have you been in the building business?
2. What type of insurance do you carry?
3. What’s the best was to communicate with you?

1. Do I see myself working and communicating with this contractor?
2. What is my gut telling me?

Your local Better Business Bureau will know about:

1. Ask about complains filed against the contractor
2. Check BBB rating with standing within the community

1. Get a minimum of 3 references from past customers
2. Call each reference
3. Contact or visit your town code inspector. Some Texas cities require that builders are registered and bonded. Check with your city’s building permits department in this regard. These officials will also know how many projects they’ve inspected. They will also know how many projects they’ve inspected for the contractor and, possibly, the subs they’ve used for projects.

The contract should include these 4 things:

1. A description of how change orders are processed
2. Warranty
3. Payment Schedule
DO NOT pay for the entire job up front or pay in cash.  In fact, state law prohibits contractors in disaster areas from taking up front money unless they have held a physical business address in the county or adjacent county for at least one year. This law, found in Chapter 58 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, provides other valuable protections for those rebuilding in disaster areas.
4. Completion date

The contract should include these 3 things:

1. Get References
2. Have a Contract
3. Do Not Pay upfront

Information from: https://www.texasbuilders.org/about-us/consumer-information.html