Choosing a Builder/Remodeler

Builders are members who are general contractors experienced in residential construction. Search above to find a builder for your next home. As you start your search, we recommend the following steps be followed:

Making the Right Choice

Investigate the list of builders you have compiled and are considering. Ask past clients of builders you are considering the following questions:

  1. Did the builder communicate well with you and were there any misunderstandings?
  2. Were the subcontractors comfortable to work with?
  3. How please were you with the quality of work as it was completed?
  4. Did the builder fulfill the contract on time?
  5. Were there cost overruns and how were they handled?
  6. Did the builder follow through in a timely manner after the close of the loan to finalize any remaining details?
  7. Was the builder ethical and were you satisfied with the builder's business practices?

Comparing Bids

You may need to get bid proposals from three to four builders, but remember the lowest bid isn't necessarily the best bid. All builders' bids should be based on the same criteria: specifications, quality of materials, etc. Call the Better Business Bureau at 806-379-6222 or on their website at for further references on the builder you have selected.

Warranties and Services After the Sale

An important criterion for selecting a builder is the warranty provided on the home. Most reputable builders back their own warranties on workmanship and materials typically for one year. Make sure you understand this before you sign the contract.

Be Prepared for the Final Walk- Through

Once your home is completed, you and the builder or his representative will walk through the home noting all items that need to be completed, fixed or altered. Make sure you and the builder keep a complete list noting all the same items. Don't be alarmed if you find a few things not up to your standard. A completed home is the sum of many individual mechanical operations and many materials. It isn't unusual for small things to be amiss. The builder should give you a projected date of completion for corrections. The final step is to close, move in, and enjoy your new home!